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Brands and fire suites ready assembled electric fire suites Models of Freestanding Electric Fires

If you're considering installing a freestanding electric fire in your home, you have several options to think about. There are many brands and models to choose from. You can pick from Dimplex Bexington LE and Flamerite Manhattan, Dimplex Chadwick or Banyo. These brands are known for creating high-quality, elegant products that work with any style.

Dimplex Bexington LE

The Dimplex Bexington Le freestanding electric fireplace suite is a great choice if you are looking to add a stylish and modern look to your home. This suite includes a fire surround and integrated Optiflame technology to extend the life of your fire. It also has an adjustable fan heater that can be operated at 1 or 2 kW for total control over the temperature settings.

Dimplex is committed to providing the highest quality electric heating technology and fireplace technology. The company's reputation is built on four standards of excellence: innovation and Freestanding Electric Fire Suite customer service, design, and quality. The company is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, the world's leading manufacturer of fire and electrical heating systems. The engineering team of the company as well as its R&D team consistently produce breakthrough innovations and design solutions that create a difference in the field.

Flamerite Manhattan

Flamerite's elegant and versatile floor-standing electric fireplace is elegant and well-designed. The Manhattan is available in two different finishes - smooth and with a textured. It also comes with a multifunction remote control that comes with the dimmer as well as a manual control panel. It is possible to use an intuitive app or operate it manually.

Flamerite is a renowned British electric fire manufacturer with over thirty years of experience in the field. Their modern electric fires are adored by both interior designers and sophisticated consumers. Their price match promise ensures you'll get the most affordable price. Nexus Showroom offers a price match guarantee if you're thinking of buying an electric fireplace. Flamerite white electric fire suites fireplace.

Manhattan's electric fireplace suite has an electric flame controlled by remote that creates an authentic Cinderwood log effect. You can also choose from slimline trims made of brass or silver. It will last for one full year after it's purchased. You can always contact the manufacturer should you have any questions regarding the installation.

With a variety of wall-mounted and freestanding fireplace suites, you are able to pick the best one for your home. These pieces can transform your space and create a stunning focal point. They feature award-winning technologies including visual flames, realistic logs, embers, and glass pebbles.

Dimplex Chadwick

This freestanding suite includes an integrated Optiflame fire , as well as log fuel effect. It features an attractive stone-effect surround that can be thermostatically controlled for the right heat output. The set also comes with the option of a remote control for simple operation. The inset fire emits heat and the top one produces log fuel.

The Chadwick freestanding bathroom suite is modern and requires no complicated installation. It plugs in in minutes and can be immediately used. This suite uses Dimplex's Optiflame technology, which makes use of LED lights for an authentic log effect. It is available in three different colour themes and is operated either by remote control or manually.

The Dimplex Chadwick electric freestanding fire is a BEAB-approved item. It also comes with an approved BEAB Optiflame fire. Its unique design creates an authentic glow throughout the through the year. The Optiflame effect is the most well-known electric suites fireplaces flame effect that is found in a vast range of Dimplex fires.

The Dimplex Chadwick electric fire pit is a top-quality package that provides an effect of logs burning and a realistic flame effect. Its 1500 Watt power capacity will provide ample heat, and its thermostat keeps a close eye on the temperature. This suite comes with a remote control to help you adjust the heat setting.


The Banyo freestanding electric fire suite is a small freestanding electric fire suite with the appearance of stone, and a real log flame effect. This suite is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a fireplace that does not require the hassle of installing an chimney. The suite comes with two different heat settings, each of which will provide enough warmth for your requirements. The temperature of the fire can be set to any temperature between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius. The set-up can be installed without hassle and does not require any installation.

Electric fireplaces are extremely convenient, with a choice of six different styles. Take into consideration your personal preferences and decide where you plan to place it. Many electric fireplaces replicate the look and feel a traditional wood-burning stove, but without the hassle of maintaining chimneys or electric fireplace suite deliveries of wood. They can also be moved around your house easily because they are freestanding. There are suites with a full surround and multiple designs. Some suites allow you to place the electric fire against a wall for an instant fireplace.


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