Why People Don't Care About Mini Log Burner For Shed

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Choosing a log burner cast iron Burner For Shed

It's perfectly possible to have stoves in an unfinished log cabin or shed in the event that the structure is well-insulated and the electrical installation has been signed off by a qualified electrician. You'll also have to follow the manufacturer's instructions. This includes distances from the walls that are combustible.

It is also important to determine if you live in a smoking control area, and choose one that's listed on the DEFRA External link approved appliance list.


If you plan to install an oven in your shed, it must be the right size for the space. A huge stove will not only create soot and heat up an area, but it's also difficult to operate safely in a smaller shed. A smaller log burner for a sheds will be able to operate easily in smaller spaces while ensuring that the heat output is adequate for your needs.

A model like the Hobbit stove from Salamander Stoves can heat your shed effectively thanks to its 4kW output. This DEFRA approved stove has a small electric log burner distance to combustibles that is 100mm for the sides and rear and comes with a choice of flue options.

The small wood stove is available in many colours and log burners for sheds finishes and you can match it with your cabin or shed. Another great option is the Charnwood Country 4 which has the same charming country style and has an impressive 5kW of heat capacity. The log burner is ecodesign-ready, so it burns extremely efficiently and minimizes the impact of pollution.

Other fantastic log burning stoves are available for sheds, such as the Ekol Apple Pie Woodburning Stove which has a DEFRA approved design and an efficiency rating of 82 percent. It comes with multi-fuel grates, as well as it has a front loading design. It has a smaller distance to combustibles than the other models in this section - just 250mm to the rear and 350mm on the side. However you can reduce it by using the Heat Shield.

Whatever type of stove you select for your shed, it is crucial to follow the Building Regulation Approved document J, which provides guidance on the safe installation of appliances that generate heat such as log burners for sheds as well as other outbuildings. This will ensure your new stove is properly installed and fitted with the right fire bricks, hearth, and smoke control chimney.




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